Interaction with industry leaders/operators in your specific field

Nous vous accompagnons également sur des offres destinées à enrichir les messages, et optimiser leur délivrance.

Effective and efficient launch of a service, international implementation, crisis communication procedure, repositioning, high competition?

Wheter you are a big company or a start up, we can identify the industry operators (journalists, consumers, influencers), create an outreach strategy and a custom made media launch/animation. We help you develop your business and accelerate your growth.


Creativity is essential and sometimes the opportunity to express your opinion publicly is a rather difficult task. One must create this opportunity so that people talk about you in a positive way.

Through internal brainstorming sessions, we can deliver a realistic and a feasible project.

Content auditing

We assess your internal communication tools and methods, and assist in optimizing them, and assessing what you’re missing and is necessary.

Live content

Social media will help increase your visibility

Are you going to a trade show ? Are you giving an interview on TV? On radio? Are you shooting for a magazine?

Through additional content (behind the scene photos, making of videos, etc.), your online community will benefit from an enriched experience.

We help you create contents supporting your strategy.

Media Coaching

We can assist you in both content and form: from writing context-adequate speeches to training you to their delivery.


As a certified training company, we can assist or conduct PR and digital training.

Social media management

Online reputation management, for you and your company!